Substack? Sorted.

You’re smart, you’re savvy, you know that Substack is where it’s at. But also…what are you supposed to say? What are you meant to write about? How do you grow your audience here? How do you navigate traditional emails AND Substack? What is the “right” way to do this whole thing?

Enter: The Substack Soirée. A brand new class which will cover all of that and so much more. Plus, we’ll have weekly co-writing sessions, writing prompts, personal feedback and the chance to get all your Q’s answered!

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Who’s behind The Substack Soirée?

Sara Tasker | Social Media Expert, Writer, Photographer, Coach

From Sara:

Have we met? Hi, I’m Sara, and I really love the internet.

It’s brought me so many great things: Connection, community, creativity, contentment.

It’s given me a six figure business and a ruined French farmhouse to spend it all on. My podcast, Hashtag Authentic, (repeat #1 in the iTunes business charts); my bestselling Instagram book; Luke Skywalker’s underpants; this opportunity to be talking to you, here, right now on this page.

So I’m pretty passionate about digital connection and all of the doors it can open up.

I split my time between Yorkshire and France whilst juggling my business, a chronic health condition, my mini-me, sassy daughter and an unlikely assortment of pets.

A few months ago I said ‘everyone should start a Substack’ in a podcast episode, and I’ve been blown away by the sheer number of people who listened to me and did just that. Since then, I’ve been inundated with requests to create a Substack class (a la The Insta Retreat) to help people make online magic in their own publications.

And so, consider your requests heard. It’s happening.

I’ve teamed up with Keeley (meet her just below) to bring you The Substack Soirée (coming soon!) and I would love you to join us…

Sara’s website: Me & Orla

Sara’s Substack: Entre Nous

Follow Sara on Instagram,

Keeley Rees | Email Marketing & Visual Storytelling

From Keeley:

I've got a bag packed full of creative tricks thanks to over 10 years in the film & television industry, a Bachelor of Writing and many years as an email marketer, content producer and copy coach. 

Right now, my main focus is helping creatives get their stories out into the world. 

It’s no small thing to offer a story - be that a bio of 150 characters, a deep and moving memoir or even a little white lie to get your kid to stop wasting water. 

And I’ve found most people get stuck before they’ve typed a single thing. The words float around inside their heads but the big, mean gatekeeper (their own mind) says, ‘hard pass, try again later’. 

Which means what we’re telling ourselves matters. Even more than what we’re telling others: The thoughts, the narratives—(the untruths)—they all matter, to our lives, our businesses, our general state of shiny–sparkly–wellbeing, and to our ability to ship the damn thing. 

You can’t hit submit, send or publish while your mind is trolling you with thoughts like: “Who are you to write that, say that, teach that?”

You can’t soar in your creative life with old narratives giving you directions. And who wants to wade through all of that alone? No one. So, through my own work and in The Substack Soirée, I’ll be there to help you with the stories you’re telling others (posts, emails, content and more) and the stories you’re telling yourself.

Want to hear more? You might want to start here. 

Keeley’s Substack: What I Wish I’d Said Instead

Keeley’s website: The Storytelling Sidekick

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