Glowing Words

“The Substack Soirée is magic.”

I knew this was the medium for me, but I wasn't aware quite how much until I completed this course. It has all the elements I love about Substack: community & kindness, experimentation & play and the emphasis on writing above all else. I’ll be returning to the materials again and again as I work on my publication. Huge thanks to Keeley and Sara for creating such a welcoming and supportive space.

Claire Fitzsimmons ~ More Good Days

It’s honestly the best course I’ve ever done!”

The Soirée has given me some wonderful ideas on how I can begin to move forward with my publication. Everything was so beautifully designed and laid out in a way that was easy to understand and work through in your own time. I couldn’t be more grateful and I loved the calls too! A huge thank you to both for putting on this wonderful course and allowing us all the room to grow on this platform.

Jenna ~ Magic & Musings

“Such a brilliant experience.”

Sara and Keeley are so encouraging and inspiring and it's been a pleasure to be part of their community. The resources in the Substack Soiree are beautifully presented and practical - there are short tasks and steps you can put into practice straight away to start and grow your Substack community. Their advice in the coaching calls was so useful whether it was in answer to a question I asked or one that someone else brought along. I've watched the replays of the classes again and taken notes and I enjoyed the co-working calls for some extra accountability too. I really can't recommend it enough, especially if you're new to Substack and are feeling overwhelmed or not good enough to write here - this class will help you get organised, gain confidence and create a plan for your newsletter that's right for you and what you'd like to offer.

Charlene Storey ~ Haver & Sparrow

“I now have a publication I am proud of and feel brave enough to keep developing. You gave me a really clear pathway to create my own unique voice. Everything about it was beautiful, from the visual imagery to the words and support in the live calls. You are both magic.”

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect as I was so new to Substack. But I had known Sara for a while and had also checked out Keeley’s beautiful words, so I knew it would be a fabulous way to meet like-minded souls. What I experienced were the most magical connections and methods to give my Substack that all important personal touch. I found the words to put into my about, free subs and paid subs. I received encouragement to write from my heart through prompts and co working classes, and gained practical step by step guides that have given me clarity and enabled me to create my ‘series’ right here on Substack. They gave me the gentle nudges when my self doubt kicked in. I feel at home on Substack and a sense of belonging on Substack now, before their class I felt a little lost. The connections of the other soirée members has also been really special.

Lisa Post writes ~ Home 

“If you’re looking for a cosy place to expand your creativity on Substack, supported by two expert communicators and community builders, I highly recommend the Substack Soirée.”

Each and every interaction with the Substack Soirée was nurturing and practical. The frequent live sessions with Sara and Keeley felt like bathing in ray of creative sunshine. They have seemingly endless wonderful ideas, years of experience, and they both take so much time and care to offer assistance and guidance in ways that are tailored to each participant, yet helpful for all. The course materials are of the same vein: helpful and nurturing.

Vanessa Edwards ~ Practically Fabulous

“If anyone is looking for magic, it is The Substack Soirée.”

How to  find the words to do it justice…? The Substack Soirée  has been an absolute joy from start to finish. It doesn't feel like I've done a course, it feels like I've been on a 5 week long soiree where I've been able to explore and discover a host of different fun things on Substack.I love, Sara and Keeley because they are not telling and selling, they’re sharing and encouraging and supporting us to do things our own way.

Emily Charlotte Powell ~ While I Was Drawing and Counting Beans.

“Think of this as an up-to-date digital communication refresh, underpinned with a precious modern marketing approach, delivered by two warm-hearted and extremely knowledgable hosts.

I can't recommend the Substack Soirée highly enough. Sara and Keeley have created an extremely well-crafted and beautifully curated offering that has got me wanting to write write write. Some of the lessons can be applied to areas outside of Substack too. Enjoyed every minute. It would be impossible not to apply the skills learned to other arenas and I'm so pleased to say I feel my general "toolkit" has expanded exponentially.

Emily Chalmers ~ Caravan Column

“What I got from this course kind of blew my mind. The whole experience has been invaluable and so worth the investment! The lessons were beautifully curated, it’s clear that S & K put so much thought and care into the work.”

I had already launched my newsletter when this class was announced, I signed up because I never take any classes for myself and it just sounded like fun. I had no distinct needs that I was aware of and no expectations of the course. What I actually got from this course kind of blew my mind. I realised I actually did need to go back to some of the Substack basics, and course content combined with other people’s questions (and Keeley’s and Sara’s responses) cleared so much up for me. I wound up re-branding my newsletter as a result of the guidance and support I got from the class. I also made new friends among the class participants, people whose creative ventures never would have crossed with mine had it not been for the course. Thank you Keeley and Sara for your hard work and for a wonderful class experience! You’ve definitely struck gold here - keep mining! ⭐️

Amy writes ~ The Tonic

“Sara and Keeley don't just teach, they nurture and inspire. They work so well together and their expertise is a perfect combination. I'm still soaking up all the insights and it's totally changed how I approach my Substack.”

If you're thinking about joining the Substack Soiree with Sara Tasker & Keeley Rees, I can't recommend it enough. For a lot of us, Substack is very new for many of us, and honestly, I felt like I had been in a bit of a toxic tangle with those relentless algorithms elsewhere, losing a little piece of myself. But the Soiree, It's like stumbling upon the perfect oasis. It's a breath of fresh air, a place where you can rediscover and relearn your voice and shine on this exciting platform. All small questions were welcomed and answered so you will fully get to know and understand Substack. If you're wondering how to start your writing or looking to grow a community in a way that's genuine and intentional, the Soiree is the place to be. Substack is beginning to feel like home, and I've also met some incredible and supportive people along the way. You'll be in great company. Enjoy!

Sarah Rees ~ The Therapists’ Corner

“Sara and Keeley created a community and an experience for beyond anything I was expecting. The breadth and depth of content, all beautifully designed, is so powerful and something I will be coming back to for years to come.”

The concepts and frameworks along with the practical application are so valuable for writing on Substack no matter what stage you are at, but also in other areas of work and life as well. I can’t wait to go through the whole course again over the holiday break. Sara and Keeley’s expert insights to support the deep content around each topic was hugely valuable. The scaffolding of the exercises made it so easy to get started no matter how stuck you were.

Libby Sander ~ The Future of Work Studio

“This class helped me gain clarity in areas I didn't even realize needed attention.”

Previously, I had struggled with “defining myself” and deciding what to share on social media, especially after feeling burned out by Instagram. But thanks to this class, they've offered insights far beyond Substack's potential. Their advice on handling online content challenges stuck with me. It speaks volumes of who Sara and Keeley are; their hearts are what really sets them apart. Before teaming up for the class, I knew Keeley and Sara individually. It felt like destiny that they'd eventually join forces to create something special - a Substack class that's entirely their own. Their hearts and connection shine through it all! 🤍✨

Susan Mar ~ A Ripple Away

Sarah and Keeley cultivated a welcoming and safe space for me to finally push myself to launch my Substack. It felt a bit scary writing topics that I've never really done before, but the combination of the coworking calls, fun writing prompts and the lively chat it gave me the permission (and accountability) to go for it. And for that I'm so grateful.

Sarah Li-Cain ~ Searching For Enough

I wasn't sure this class would be for me because my vibe is so different from Sara and Keeley's. It turns out this class is for everyone! The enthusiasm, encouragement and energy swept away all my Substack fears and now I'm excited to keep showing up and keep creating. Thank you for building such a supportive and helpful community!

Nanette Regan ~ Secret Sketchbook

“I just wish the whole thing had gone on for longer!”

Substack Soirée was the best way to enter the Substack realm. Apart from the technical advice and support it was amazing at boosting confidence. I went from a vague idea to a published Substack with followers in 5 weeks!

Lexi Welch ~ Lexi Smith is an Artist?

“The Substack Soirée has given me a sense of direction and freedom with my Substack.”

The lessons have helped to demystify some of the practical aspects of using the platform, as well as providing a helpful, loose framework for how to make it work for you - but in such a way as to encourage you to experiment, play and find your own path with it. I loved the community aspect. It was really helpful to have set times for co-working, and I enjoyed the table gatherings too. Although I didn't submit any questions for discussion I still found it useful to listen in and learn from other people's experiences.

Julianne Robertson ~ Cultivar

“All the content was really valuable and I loved having it presented as it was, in the Soirée voice and looking so pretty. It was easy to read and enjoyable and didn't feel at all like work.”

I loved being part of this first round of the Substack Soiree and can only imagine it getting better and better. The written content was really readable and easy to engage with and I loved being part of a cohort who were cheering each other on, whatever our experience with the platform. The pace was just right to keep me motivated without overwhelming me.

Rahma Dutton ~ A Woman Who Wanders

“I’ve gone from fearful of failure to trusting the process and having the confidence and tools to make sh*t happen. Sara and Keeley paved a way out of my comfort zone and into a place of encouragement, growth and creativity in truly unexpected ways.”

From the first week of the Substack Soirée I saw a shift in myself, my writing and my subscriber numbers. Lessons are simple but insightful and packed to the rafters with info that is both easy to implement and impactful. Having likeminded and similarly positioned souls to tread the path with in the co-working sessions and Soirée community has been pure gold too. After a couple of really tough years that have seen some huge (and unwanted) changes in my life (I’m looking at you, head injury) I’m so ready to discover the next chapter in my creative life and excited for possibilities I never knew could exist for me. The Substack Soirée may be over, but the party feels like it is just getting started.

Nicole Clark - Letters from V.V

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you are starting something new, especially when that something new means exposing your thoughts or art to the world. Sara & Keeley are warm and caring guides, making the process of starting a substack feel light and easy and immensely pleasurable.

Helen Reynolds ~ Workbook

“The queens of Substack, Social Media and Writing, Sara and Keeley, opened their doors to let us into their world and celebrate together what brings humans together: stories.”

So much valuable content, a wonderful community and incredible amounts of patience. I had already fallen in love with Substack but this course brought it to a next level. I feel equipped to play the Substack game with ease now. ❤️

Carmen ~ Rooted in Rituals

If you’re new to Substack and know you want to write here but not exactly sure how to go about it, Sara and Keeley’s class is for you! They will show you around, give you big things to think about, help you get a writing rhythm, and even chat out how to find that button that does the thing. They are warm and welcoming and will help you create a home here in Substack all your own.

N. Coffin ~ Burn

The best thing I got from this is definitely the community! It was so lovely to find my kind of people on substack, read their work and have them read mine. My sense of belonging on this platform has massively increased already.

Lieke Mulder ~ Rewilding the Feminine

The class really helped to increase my confidence in finding my own ‘voice’, as well as understanding the more technical aspects of Substack. Sara and Keeley are incredibly knowledgable and their tutoring really compliments each other. I felt supported and they both were so helpful.

Letitia ~ Mrs Bertimus