Letters From A Hopeful Creative
Letters From A Hopeful Creative
Is Substack right for me and my business?

Is Substack right for me and my business?

Interrupting normal transmissions here to bring you this: The Loveliest Episode That Ever Was. Sara and Jen talk through whether or not Substack might be right for you & your business. They both speak so beautifully about finding the freedom in our creativity again and choosing a way forward that works for us. Sara so wonderfully expresses our heart behind The Substack Soirée and the gathering we are creating with you, here. Plus! There’s a couple of announcements that sneak their way in, so listen out for those. (New things on their way soon!) For now, if you’re wondering if Substack is right for you, or how you can bring it in to your creative path or businesss, give this a listen and let your creative heart take a beat. Keeley  -

In today’s episode we dive into this letter from a listener:

I am hanging on your every word about Substack. I just can't seem to shake this question: Is Substack really right for my business? And if so, am I doing it right? How should I think about it and prioritize it among the many other things I could be doing with my limited time and energy?

But I keep getting tangled up in this question: is substack _marketing_ for my business, a _product_ for my business, or simply an on-the-side creative outlet?

If I'm being honest, I want it to be all three! I love the simplicity of it being everything at once. But let's get real. It seems like there's not much hope of Substack becoming a meaningful source of revenue, unless you've got a massive audience to begin with that you are transferring over from somewhere else. The typical price point is just too low to make the numbers make a real difference with a small audience.

I wonder if you could help put Substack into perspective, in the context of a service-based business that already includes regular writing and podcasting. A business that's ready to pivot into one-to-many offerings. For a person who's sort of hooked, but also worried the promise of Substack is too good to be true.

- Lisa

In today’s episode we dive into Lisa’s question and share how we’re using Substack in our business and why the platform is really just a playground to shape and use in whatever way feels aligned for us. If you’re curious about experimenting with Substack in your business this episode is here to help you explore what that could look like for you.

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Letters From A Hopeful Creative
Letters From A Hopeful Creative
Letters From A Hopeful Creative is a fortnightly podcast brought to you by Sara Tasker and Jen Carrington. In each episode they answer a letter from a hopeful creative who is looking for some guidance, support, and encouragement in their journey, and share some of the lessons they have learned along the way as creative coaches and online business owners. Each episode is like a mini coaching session and pep talk all rolled into one - tune in every other Monday morning for brand new episodes.
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